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Crystalline Space Entity

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  1. Voodooshakar says:
    Crystal Sonar Edict (While edict is active, spend 30 Energy when entering a system with a Crystalline Entity to immediately survey it) "Issue a special project for remote study of the crystals." "Find some practical use for this information." Crystal Breaker (+20% damage to Crystalline Entities) "We expect our fleets to break them apart.".
  2. Kilar says:
    Character Actor Episodes Description B Brent Spiner: NEM: B-4 was first seen in the movie Star Trek: swithpohersbilitcakamentrecirephya.infoinfo is a Soong-type android (named after Dr. Noonien Soong, their creator).B-4 is one of three androids built by Dr. Soong before Lore and Data.. Praetor Shinzon of Remus was able to obtain the disassembled B-4 and placed some special programming into him, so he could infiltrate the.
  3. Julkis says:
    Crystalline Entity. Origin: space. A massive and unique lifeform, delicate in appearance while blindly and insatiably feeding off the life-force of beings and even planetary resources. It could destroy a world in just minutes with its pulverizing energy-beam conversion process, .
  4. Mezik says:
    Sep 22,  · This alien goes in the "beautiful but deadly" category, as the crystalline entity was breathtaking to watch in space — it looked a bit like a snowflake, or small and shiny diamonds.
  5. Vijin says:
    Aug 17,  · The Crystalline Entity, the giant space-dwelling creature that aligned itself with Lore in Star Trek: The Next Generation, is re-materializing in Star Trek Online. For the next three weeks on PC, until September 6th at 10am PT, Captains over level 50 .
  6. Tygorr says:
    Jun 15,  · What Crystals Will Help Get Rid of Negative Entities? - Crystal Recommendations - These articles help to support our mission to promote the .
  7. Mazuzragore says:
    The Crystalline Entity is a mysterious space-dwelling lifeform that appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Next to nothing is known about its exact nature or if it is even sentient, but it has the appearance of a giant crystalline tree or, as others have described it, a giant snowflake. The entity feeds on vast quantities of organic matter and is responsible for stripping several inhabited.
  8. Fezil says:
    Apr 08,  · The Crystalline Entity encounter in Star Trek Online is back, as Cryptic has refurbished the event to make it better than ever before. Starting on April 11th, players will be able to tackle the.

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